Erty Seidohl - Teaching

Javascript Practice Apps

Access Practice

A tool/game for practicing accessing Javascript arrays and objects.

This was a rough draft of the idea which helped a lot of my students while I was teaching programming.


A more gamified version of Access Practice that I polished up for the TEALS NYC science fair.

I made this for Managed by Q, who I worked for at the time.

Vue Exercises

Some vue.js (2.0) exercises for a class I taught. Includes a PDF handout on data binding, some exercises for a lab, and one of those exercises completed.

Released under CC-BY-SA 2.0 so you can use it in your own stuff.


A simple website that interactively demonstrates the CSS size units.

1 byte = 1 pixel

I've created some common data sizes where one pixel = one byte, to show you how large a gigabyte really is.

Neighborhood Problem

I needed a fancy UI for an interview problem. Here, a graph search (pathfinding) algorithm is needed. Written for JavaScript, but also available in python.