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Erty Seidohl (previously Seidel) is a 24-year-old living in Boulder, CO with his wife Greta. Erty enjoys programming, writing, comics (especially of the web variety), and running D&D campaigns for his friends.

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He graduated from Lawrence University in June 2013 with a B.A. in Mathematics/Computer Science and English. He attended the Summer 2013 batch of Recurse Center.

Erty spends his time outside of work creating websites, teaching programming, drawing comics, and, apparently, writing in the third person about himself.

His email address is Also, check out his official résumé.


Individualized Technology & Education

My current business, providing in-person teaching and tutoring on Computer Science topics. I work out of my home in Boulder, CO. I also do web development and consulting through Purecode.

Custom résumé design service

A side business of mine since college, Handprint Résumés is a way for me to practice design and help people get jobs!

Small-business web development and design (now Purecode)

Handprint Industries is the previous name for Purecode. Under Handprint, I did web development as a student in college.

I've left up as a portfolio piece and reference since I own the domain for a few years.

Client Websites

Website for Medley Bros. Bourbon. Design by TDA_Boulder

My Role: Web Developer (Contract)



Website for Melting Blue Market Research. Design provided by client

My Role: Web Developer (Contract)



Work Portfolio

Standardized test reporting software for Aspire Public Schools

My Role: Web Application Development Intern


Environmental carbon accounting software, then part of Renewable Choice Energy

My Role: Web Application Development Intern

Shared marketing calendar for Salesforce

My Role: Web Development Intern


Agile management integration for Salesforce

My Role: Web Development Intern


My first foray into PHP. Built the site from scratch in three months. The site has since been rebuilt.

My Role: Lead Web Developer


Development work on backend of The site has since been rebuilt.

My Role: Student Web Intern


Development work for the shipping team (package tracking and receipts)

My Role: Software Engineer


The Grade app on Android using Appcelerator Titanium

My Role: Lead Android Developer (Titanium)


Online dating app written in PHP and Angular

My Role: Software Engineer


Personal Websites

Lists of ideas for Dungeons and Dragons v5

The main idea of this site is user-generated content specifically for character creation in D&D 5.0.

Users are able to suggest new ideas which I moderate and then display.

Created in February 2015, I haven't filled in all of the data or publicized the site at all, so for now it sits dormant, using a domain I bought for another project. It will probably find its home on someday when I decide to actually fill out all the tables.

Maybe I'll get a C&D from Wizards of the coast to add to my collection :)


My personal blog

A Wordpress blog, on which I post about life, technology, and stuff


The second wednesday of every month

Just, go look at the website.

Wedding website designed by Greta

I got married to Greta in August 2014! This is a wordpress site that we put together to celebrate and commemorate the occasion!

This site!

This site has been around since 2000, when I created a school project on Riparian Areas.

Check out an evolution of this site over time, if you're interested.

Sometimes I get codes for games I don't play. So I post them here.

Not in here. Follow the link, silly.

XKCD-Inspired student homepage for Lawrence University


Four Googles on one Page! Shut down by Google's Lawyers. was four iframes of Google on one page. Started by my good friend Alex Sowieja and I, this site went viral thanks to an anonymous post on the site My Life is Average.

Back in its heyday was getting upwards of 1.5 million views in a month, but then Google sent us a cease and desist for using their name in the url, so we moved to, which never quite reached the same popularity and eventually went offline.

Featured on:

Really, it was just four iframes on a static HTML page, but to all those 50k daily visitors, it was magic.


  • Alex Sowieja

Mostly high school, last updated in 2011

Sometime in high school, I bought a Sony α200 camera, and took a bunch of pictures with it. Selections are hosted on this blog.


Experimental choose-your-own-adventure webcomic about being lost in space

Currently on indefinite hiatus (although not abandoned), Lost in Space is an attempt to run a CYOA webcomic with democratic user choice.

Each comic is written in second person and readers are invited to suggest what should happen next (or vote on an existing suggestion). The top choice is used as input to create the next comic.

I'm working on a new version of the site using React. Git + symlinks are employed to create a near-zero-downtime deploy system, based on Etsy's.


A comic about two kids and a cardboard box. Also time travel.

I started drawing Penny and Arthur on a bus, my senior year of high school. Influenced by Watterson, I tried to keep the characters interesting and the action fantastic. Ultimately, starting college caught up with me and I was unable to continue the comic.

A fictional and somewhat autobiographical continuation of Fish Food starring Erty, Sam, and Scott

This is the third iteration of Fish Food, my earliest webcomic. This one only made it 6 comics before I started Penny and Arthur.

An onlne graphic novel drawn in infinite canvas style. Twelve chapters of teenage magic fantasy

To Save a Life was my experiment in long-form graphic novels. Drawn while a Junior in high school, I posted (mostly) daily updates to this comic. You can really see my art get better and more dynamic through the year and a half that it took me to complete this.

The Infinite Canvas style was invented by comics genius Scott McCloud, and is uniquely suited to digital display.


  • Scott Reu

A comic I drew to keep myself occupied in Chinese class.

The title translates to "Two People". I can't promise the comics make sense in either language. I think you really need to be a beginning Chinese student to find them funny.

A comic that has nothing to do with Fish Food 1, we join the author, Erty, in his crazy adventures.

The second iteration of Fish Food, my first webcomic. This one ran for almost two years! The comics starting with 9xxx are ones that didn't run or were just filler. I think Scott Reu joined me for the writing for a while.

Done in 2006, 2009, and 2011, these comics are 24 pages done in 24 hours.

For more information about the 24-hour comic, see inventor Scott McCloud's website.

I'm not even that much a fan of Halo.

Four sprite comics using Halo sprites. I guess?

A series of .gif animations that follow the adventures of Green and Orange, two Megaman recolors.

This was back when sprite comics were all the rage, inspired by Bob and George.

My first webcomic, Fish Food 1 follows college students Ben and Mike through their videogame-induced adventures.

Only nine comics, and the second one is me apologizing for not keeping to my schedule. Prescient much? But it was a start!

Games and Fun

An "XTREME" version of fan-favorite, Oregon Trail.



  • Evan Conway
  • Eileen Rohaly
  • Julia Heller

A game I made in place of a comic for Lost in Space #43

A pared-down version of a game that I'm working on about exploring the galaxy. In this version, you have to outwit or outshoot the alien guards and make it to an escape pod. This was done in place of a comic on Lost in Space

There's definitely a memory leak (or something) so it slows down after a bit. But I still consider it pretty good for a solo project over just one weekend!


Who should you worship?

I built this on a flight from Denver to L.A. It generates a deity and five commandments from that deity. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's nonsensical, sometimes it's contradictory.

Definitely needs a facelift but I only had about two hours to build it :P

A game about distinguishing YouTube comments and Cthulu worshippers

Can you tell the difference between a (real!) YouTube comment and a Lovecraft reference?



  • Evan Conway
  • Cea Stapleton
  • Julia Heller
  • Max Mogavero
  • Daniel Goetz
  • Eileen Rohaly
  • Peter Thurlow
  • Phillip Jindra
  • Christopher Owen
  • Ryan Kessler
  • Jack Walstrom

A wiki for my scifi RPG, "Um"

My friends and I often play "Um", a rules-less map-less dice-less version of Dungeons and Dragons. I have several campaigns in a certain sci-fi universe, starting around 2009. This wiki is a way for new players to learn about the universe, and also for myself to keep continuity while I run games.



  • Max Feldkamp
  • Evan Conway
  • Julian Delfino

Pulls data from twitter using #MagicItemPrefixes for hilarious results.

Who doesn't want a "So-called +2 Dagger"?


A digital version of Steve Jackson Games' 1980 tabletop wargame, OGRE

Ryan and I played one game of OGRE and decided we could build it in javascript. Abandoned for now, we have quite a lot of code for it on our github repo. It's called rainy day ogre because it was raining on the day we started it.

The link here is to the non-functional Three.js version of the game.


  • Three.js
  • grunt js


  • Ryan McVerry

Translate from English to Shibe! Such translate, very wow.

In September 2013, my friend Julian and I went on a road trip to surprise our significant others by showing up at their door a thousand miles away without telling them.

Anyway I wrote this thing while I was bored in the car. It translates from English to doge


A Pelko Timer based on the fictional Pelko Method

The Pelko Method was invented in 2012 by fictional CEO Brad Bradstone. I created a really basic Pelko app using jQuery to try the satirical technique myself.



Bachelor of Arts in English and Mathematics​/​Computer Science May 2013

From Lawrence University


Three-month intensive "Writers workshop for programmers"

Other Feats

Two days of ten-minute talks to celebrate the joyous, exciting, and surprising moments in programming.

My Role: Co-Organizer

A two-day conference on programming, featuring lightning (10-minute) talks from industry experts, project-builders, and excited newbies. Featuring a strong code of conduct, no Q&A, and accesibility features like live-captioning.


GPS III research Summer 2008

Co-author on paper studying GPSIII ground latencies at The Aerospace Corporation

My Role: Web Application Development Intern


National Novel Writing Month Winner November 2008

Wrote the first book of a three-part trilogy, "The Last Dream" for NaNoWriMo 55k words in one month.

A mostly-working CPU built in the Logisim emulator

Conference started in 2013, founded by Greta

My Role: General help, organization, sysadmin


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