Erty Seidohl - Utilities

Lawrence University Web Portal

I was tired of having to search our university's website for useful information so I made my own.

Based on XKCD #773.

Flash Apps

Blue Circle

One of my earliest animation tests, a very short loop.

Vector Sim

Apprently this was my high school AP Computer Science final project?


My own version of Daisyworld, an app which models an equilibrium between daisies (squares) which either absorb or reflect heat.


I made this app to help my friends study for our Mandarin Chinese exams


For our microbiology final in high school, we were each given a mystery bacterium and told to identify it. I wrote this app to help me do that.

Link to directions in upper left corner. If I recall correctly, I was able to use this to ID both cultures.

Spare Game Codes

Sometimes I get codes for games I don't play. So I post them here.

LU Students Portal

This page was last updated in 2011, but was my idea of what a real student portal for a university should look like. I know I used it a lot to find out when meals were, or how late the health center was open.