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This is a page of common types of pollution. I wrote this because I figured that if you could find the types of pollution, you could try to fight it.

Here are some of the main causes of pollution and some facts about them:
Motor oil
Motor oil leaks from cars and suffocates the fish by gumming up their gills and kills birds by gumming their wings and digestive system up, too. It can kill animals that drink the water. You can help by not polluting and telling others not to pollute.
Trash and litter make our riparian areas look ugly and kill animals by choking them, suffocating them, or destroying their digestive system. You can help by picking up litter.
Pesticides and other "cides"
Farming chemicals can (and usually do) poison animals and kill them or make them very, very sick. You can help by trying to get the people to stop using chemicals so that no other animals can get sick..
Heavy Metals
This isn't heavy metal rock bands, it's heavy metal rocks.But even though that's true, (whew! the music would kill lots more) it is still harmful to fish because they get lead poisoning, and that can kill them.

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