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Welcome to the home page for Riparian areas!

I hope that, after reading these pages on riparian areas, you will hold them in higher respect and help to preserve our riparian wildlife.

Hi! It's me, Erty!!! This web site was made for a science report. I made it a web site so that it will be preserved for a long time. Also, if people spread the word about this site, many, many, people can see this. Our riparian areas are becoming polluted more and more as time goes on, with heavy metals and litter and lots of other stuff. But first I'd better tell you what a riparian area is! Here we go:



ri·par·i·an   Pronunciation Key  (r-pār-n)

Of, on, or relating to the banks of a natural course of water.

[From Latin rprius, from rpa, bank.]


No, let me say that again: WATER! Everything needs it. Without water, nothing would be here, and nobody would be reading this right now. You wouldn't be here. Nothing would. That is why Riparian areas are so important. This is when you find out what the phrase your 3rd grade teacher said means. "What goes around, comes around." Ring a bell? It should. It means that the ball you pitch will be hit right back at you. If oil gets dumped continuously in a lake, eventually there will be no more clean water and everyone will be dead. Also, there will be no more trout with whatsuch and the other thing for dinner. They'll be dead and polluted. What a big, scary, concept. You may think that, "Oh, the water purification plant will take care of it." Oh, yeah right. Water purification plants handle incoming water, most drain water and not ditch, outgoing water. Also, they dump chemicals in the water that you drink. Pretty scary, huh. Now that I've said that, we can get to the rest. Go explore riparian ares! They're not all polluted!!! Also, as long as you try not to pollute, you probably wont. But please dont go hyper on not polluting, OK? But as long as youre sittin' here, why dont you just explore my website?

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