Fish Food 2


PureCode Penguin sez: There may not be a comic on time tomorrow morning. I'm going for a long swim in the Ross Sea near my home here in Antarctica (it's my turn to bring home dinner). I'll get to it as soon as I can, but no promises.

--The Purecode Penguin

Comic Contest Closes at 6:00 pm tomorrow. So far, there are only two entries! Get those creative juices flowing! Remember that you only need to send in a script (or even just some dialogue), and I'll draw it for you. That, or send in random stuff so you can get the exclusive FF!

The first thing -- This comic, some of you may remember, has it's roots on the forums (link above). I have never actually seen the movie Memento, an only read it's synopsis on IMDB. The title comes from a summer camp inside joke, so I don't really get it, but it seems to fit the occasion nicely. Anyway, that's the comic.

Yesterday (Wednesday), I took an eight hour canoe trip through the Sylvania Wilderness, which was fun (but tiring). Nobody fell over, and so we just paddled northward until we reached some vans that had been graciously left for us by another group (the bikers). I was going to take a nap between when I got back to my dorm and dinner, but I got caught up reading through El Goonish Shive for the second time (I was confused during the first). I have a feeling that I'm addicted to comics right now. I'm spending way too much time reading/writing comics at the moment, at the cost of my social life (and my eyesight!). Although I have streamlined the FF process (today's comic took less than 30 minutes to create), I've resumed work on To Save a Life(A previous Graphic Novel of mine, which I am going to totally rework), and I have one or two other projects going at the moment. Yeesh. I need to get outside. Oh, wait. I went canoeing all day. Nevermind.