Fish Food 2

"Free your Mind"

Well, this comic may hold no significance to you (unless you're the one who owes me a dollar), but it holds a significance to me, because that pole jumping thing was one of my regrets, and now I've crossed that off my list. I treated myself to one of my special events sodas that I have to congratulate or cheer myself up. It was good. Anyway, here are two pics taken today (Tues). The first one is the pole that I was talking about, and the second is me on top of a log, which was another one of the high ropes activities. Why do I get to I do this? It's exploration week here (much like the Boulder High Spirit week, except a lot more fun.) Tomorrow I'm going canoeing in the Sylvania Wilderness all day! Woo!

Teh pole Teh Pole

Me on log Me on log

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