Fish Food 2

"All Alone"

Hmm … Wait … Today is Thursday, meaning yesterday is … was Wednesday, meaning that I only missed Monday's and Tuesday's posts, meaning that I don't know what day it is and therefore should be banned from ranting about what day it is.

This is the post for Thursday, the 13th, by the way.

I experimented with the hands in this one. I drew them bigger than normal, and a little more … dynamically. I know you probably didn't notice anything, but you do now. I like the folded arms, by the way, they're very nice, even if they do look a little, well, chibi-ish. I think that's the right word. I never did like Manga. Everyone draws it, and I find that then they can't draw much else. I like manga, actually, but because it is soo widespread and popular, I have decided to only like manga that either has a really good sotryline or OUTSTANDING art. I dont mean really good art, I mean this has to be some really really good manga. I've seen really good manga, but I'll only appreciate it if it stands out from the rest.I guess this could all be summed up in saying that I don't like manga that is too mainstream, so anyhing different I like.

"It's like Clark Kent, but if he spit on people!" -- Fwyxx at our last D&D meet.