Fish Food 2


AAAA! I'm sorry about the missed updates, and especially just before I go away for three weeks. I would like to put out an invitation for guest comics. Just email any comic you have to me before this Saturday, the 15th. I know that doesn't leave you with much time, but hey, I have to make one every day. Not that I actually can keep up with that schedule, so I'm sort of being a hypocrite(sp?).

My friend Sam (from real life - but not the basis of the FF Sam) just moved into this really cool house which I am thoroughly jealous of and had to visit. That explains Wednesday's missed update. Monday was my mom's birthday, which was fun and we went to see Pirates of the Caribbean 2, which is really good for a sequel. Actually, It's just a really good movie. I hope the third comes out as well as this one. It reminds me a lot of The Matrix. The first is a story in itself, the second one is good and keeps the storyline up without being a movie made solely(sp again?) for money, and then the trilogy finishes off with a movie that rocks socks and wraps up everything. Plus, Pirates III is coming out next year, so the wait won't be unbearable. It's as if these guys actually know what they're doing.

I recently re-watched Princess Mononoke, which was cool because the last time I saw it was when I was 10 or so and I understood a whole bunch more of the story now.

Ah well, more tomorrow, because I actually have Friday's all written out. If I can update for Saturday, I will because I missed on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.