Fish Food 2


Ah. If you have never seen The Matrix, go watch it. Now. Convince your parents that you can handle the swearing and violence that it contains and see it. It will make you think, and it will make you say "coooooooooooooool". Yes. Cool with fifteen 'o's. Now you went back and counted the o's didn't you. And you saw there were sixteen. Or were there fifteen. You'll never know unless you count again, in which case you'll find that there really were fifteen 'o's and I'm just screwing with your brain.

You might find that if you never saw The Matrix, you won't get this one. So go watch The Matrix. Blockbuster is open until One O'clock. If you're up after that, get to bed. you need more sleep.

I mean it. The human body needs at least eight hours of sleep to make an effective battery.