Fish Food 2

"Finally There"

Ok … I found a decent online translator, but if the text on the sign on the wall (which should say 'Post Office') Comes out horribly wrong, leave me a comment. I hope that none of you actually check (of course, now you will). Well, I spent the last four days sick, which was not the most pleasant thing I could have been doing for four days. It was just a bad cold, I'm not dead or anything. There's been the conference on world affairs at BHS, which is really cool because it means that I get to leave school at 12:30 tomorrow. My lunch break is effectavley (sp) about 20 hrs.


On a completely unrelated note, I have changed radio station loyalty from 97.3 KBCO to 105.5 JACK FM, because Jack is infinately cooler, with less ads, and is locally owned.

If I hadn't told you imps allready, I am now the leader of the SATG (Student Association of Tabletop Gaming) at BHS. We have about 11 members now, so shut up about us nerds not socializing. I just need to get the word out to panther TV.

Stupid cold *sniffle**cough**cough**hack**cough*. Blech.