Fish Food 2

"Spring Break"

Spring break was definately not like this for me. If you want to read about where I went (in short: New York and Boston), read the really long post on my homepage, or, If it has passed on into the blurb archives, you can read it there. Anyway, I just thought the idea of us two playing videogames for 8 hours straight might be funny. No? Fine. Be that way.

By the way: 1) The title (missing) of this comic is Spring Break, and 2) If you look really close, we're playing Halo.

I would, because I have the time, like to point out one (or two) things. Some people have asked me who the characters in Fish Food Represent, and how I came up with the name Fish Food. I, of course, am myself. I have never shipped myself to china or blown up a trashcan, so I guess you could call it a loose representation of myself. For example: The comic me is dating Jan currently, whereas the real me is not currently dating anybody. Jan is based off of the girlfriends I have had on the past LOOSELY! I would like to say that a lot of the comics I have made with Jan have never actually happened. Please don't kill me. Anyway, Sam is based off of my best friends I have had in the past, but he has also sort of taken a life of his own. My friend Ian was origionaly going to be the basis for him, but Sam is definately a fictional character now. Jake is an interesting one, being sort of based off of my friend Will, but with a completely diffent look. Will does own that AC/DC shirt, tho. Bill is just a mix of the annoying kids I have met in my life. He may not seem annoying to you guys, but that's just because I haven't found a way for him to be annoying to my comic self. He isn't really annoying in the 'making the band' comic, and I guess I could have really had anyone play the part. I just don't have that many characters, tho.

The name "Fish Food", I came up with by looking around my room for a name idea and seeing a jar of fish food by my fishtank. If I had known that this comic was actually going to get off the ground, I might have chosen a differnt name. well, no, I like Fish Food too much now. Anyway, that should answer those questions. I may add a FAQ section sometime, If I get anymore questions, or I may just make some up myself.

There. Done. Goodnight.