Fish Food 2

"Identity Crisis"

Dear readinators,

I have finally returned from another long absence caused primarily by laziness, but also by PeaceJam obligations. If you haven't bothered to click on Erty's video, you should definitely do so ASAP, because it was well worth it. I was going to make one of my own, but technical issues (and the fact that writing does not look quite as interesting as drawing, even at high speeds) have spared you all that particular torture.

Just so you all know, I would like to reiterate a statement from one of my long-lost blurbs:

"I have recently been informed that everything Stephen McVerry says is a lie." This may not be from the most reliable sources. I apologize to Stephen for this grievous error in fact-finding. I am never trusting that monkey again.

In other knews, I got God of War 2, and though it may be more gore-filled than the entire actual trojan war, It still rocks the hard rock in so many ways. If you're old (or crafty) enough, I recommend getting a copy.