Fish Food 2

"Excuses, Excuses..."

Well, this is the official end to the storyline. I liked it, but I heard some people who didn't. If we had a forums, there would be a nice place to discuss this, but because the spusers took over, you'll just have to email me in order to put in your review. I agree, I could have come up with a much cleverer, engaging, and less cliche storyline, but I was just seeing how something like a storyline would work for Fish Food.

Either way, I really like this comic. Not for the punchline, but for the cleverly disguised first panel, which is a kind of personality check for each of the characters - Each of the five are saying something I would think it appropriate for someone of their personality to say in such a situation.

So, Tuesday I missed two classes because I had to go to the optometrist - I scratched my cornea again (The last time this happened, I had to get medivac'd by my mom out of a school camping trip.) It's a small scratch, but it hurts like the dickens, and I have to put in a bunch of eyedrops and stuff.

I apologize for my misproportionment of the female anatomy in this and all of my comics- If there's one thing I can't draw, it's proportionate people, which just so happens to be what I draw the most often. That and cars. I couldn't draw a car to save my life.