Fish Food 2

"Cannonball Number Two"

Two of my good friends from Colorado came up here to Wisconsin for the weekend, and we just sort of hung out and had fun. They had to spend part of the time studying. It's finals week next week, but not for me! Woo!

Anyway, I'm still looking forward to your responses to this next storyline, once we get farther in.

Bad news, and good news. We're moving the forum (In just a bit) to an ESdC server, meaning that we may have to delete all the posts that we've made. I know it's sad, but we were in need of a serious reshaping of, especially, the security on the forum. We'll keep the Random Quote Generator, and stuff like that, but there will be no messages, so post heavily!

That's all for now. Good luck on finals, if you have them!