Fish Food 2


The kid in the last panel is Scott. Sorry about the confusion, but we decided that it would be better to remove his hat and crazy hairdo. Expect to see him a lot in future comics. He's a major character in the next plotline. (Don't worry, he's not replacing Sam or anything.) The plotline begins now, by the way.

Also, yes, Sam is good with the ladies now. He won.

So . . . yesterday (The 11th) was my 16th birthday. I was going to make a special comic and everything, but then it was midnight and I had to go to bed. Somehow being another year older is awesome this time. I am 16. 16. 16 just feels so . . . powerful. I'm at my teenage prime. 17 is starting to be too old and mature. Too many responsibilities. 16 is the last year that you can still use the excuse that you're young and you make mistakes. 16 is that awesome year where you get to have fun, and I'm in it. I hope to savor every moment of this next year.

A look back at last year.

So . . . yeah. Enjoy.