Fish Food 2


Well, it's been a long time since my last post. As you can see, I definitely did go with a new art style. I like this style better. It's smoother, easier to draw, allows for much improvement (The last style was very stylized, and didn't evolve much.) Scott and I are working together to bring you a storyline, continuity, and character development (Think It's Walky, Sluggy Freelance, Applegeeks, and El Goonish Shive. See Recommended Reading for links). I've wanted to do something like those comics from the start, but really never had the capacity to do it. However, with some recent books I've read, and some awesome ideas I've had, I think I can get together an epic Fish Food story for the ages.

Anyway, there's a new ad banner for Joyce and Walky, compiled by me, and the Recommended Reading page has been updated.

See you on Wednesday.