Fish Food 2


Long time, no see, peeps! I know many of you probably don't check my website all that often anymore (The last post be me was on the 18th of December!), but Fish Food really isn't that much fun to draw all of a sudden. I'm working on some other comics projects, such as Little Ninjas, (NOT a rip-off of Little Gamers), To Save a Life, and several others.

I've been doing a lot of thinking about comics lately, and I found one quote that pretty much sums everything up: People will watch interesting people do boring things far longer than they will watch boring people do interesting things.

I not going to do anything where I try to write a comic for a specific set of readers, because I recognize that I'm making this comic for me, and FF is always going to be the closest to what I want that to be. It will still (I hope) be enjoyable, funny, and keep the same sense of humor, but I want to try a new art style, and, hopefully, have a story with more continuuity.

Of course, I'm back in school now, so that whole Winter Break thing is over. It went by so fast. Anyway, for Christmas, I got some awesome stuff, and a lot of comics things (mainly books and stuff), which is really cool. I hope you had a happy whatever you celebrate, and I wish everyone a happy Winter-een-mas .

Right now is Winterim here at conserve school, meaning that we take some more time off from our normal studies to do cool stuff. I'm taking a class on Facial Construction, meaning that I'm learning all about the bones and muscles of the head. This should, I hope, help me with my drawing of the head and face. If not, oh well. I'm still having fun. Also, as a mini-course, I'm continuing in the robotics club, which is awesome.

I'll be back in Colorado for spring break, but I might be going somewhere out of the state (or country!). Either way, it's a long time from now.