Fish Food 2

"Facial Follicle Follies"

Is it just me or does Erty look really Manga-y in the fourth panel?

I changed the format after a little bit of thinking. The comic is now 700 pixels tall, and Sam has a white stripe on the front of his sleeve. If the comic is so tall as so that you have to scroll down (on a 1024x768 or bigger monitor) to reach the next, back, etc. buttons, send me an email and tell me that. I want it to be so that you can just click next without having to scroll, because scrolling really takes you out of the comic while you look for the next button. This is a major problem in ongoing story comics.

I updated ErtyArt recently, by the way. I've actually been updating it a lot, but nobody seems to go there.

I am now an enormous fan of the finished comic It's Walky. The artist, David Willis, is a master of character development, and you really fell like you know the characters be the time of the end. It's a little raunchy (PG-13 Rated for Adult Themes and almost-nudity), but it's a most excellent comic. Be warned, however, of it's 8-15 hour read time (varies depending on reading ability). It took a good day out of my life, but it was totally worth it. Well, not really, I should have waited 'till the weekend, but you know what I mean. I really want Fish Food to have something like that, an ongoing storyline, at least, because then I won't have as much trouble finding jokes. We'll see. The one I came up with late last night was a little relationship-y, which might be fine for some readers, but it's kinda weird since the main character is me, which is why I'm not doing a comic-blog kinda thing: I'd have to hide it here at school, because there are certain people who I'm sure would get mad at me.