Fish Food 2

"Join the Club"

This is actually the alternate version of the comic I had planned to put up today. The original comic actually depicted Erty telling a kid "Nice to zit you", which was funny, but there was really no punchline. I did have a great little subtle homage to It's Walky planned and drawn and everything! Ah well.

I notice that nobody has completed my treasure hunt in quite some time. It's a little old-looking, but still perfectly functional. It should take anywhere from a few minutes, if you're really good, to a couple of days, where the answers come to you while you stare at your computer screen at three in the morning like it did for one of my friends.

The prize? First, you get your name on the prestigious Winners List. I'll put that on the main page sometime soon. Either way, if you manage to finish the treasure hunt, you will receive a new FF wallpaper every month for twelve months.

If you finished the Treasure hunt, and you haven't got a background (It's an awesome action picture of Sam.), simply e-mail me and your wallpaper-a-month program will start from that date. If you can't finish the treasure hunt, or you're not sure what to do, find a friend, but if they help you for a while (Most of the clues), you can consider yourself on a team. If they have already completed the Treasure hunt, you only get a bronze award. Only two people have ever gold-awarded, and one of them is a web-dev guy, and the other is my mom. Anyway, the challenge is out. Click on the "Treasure Hunt" button at the top of the page to start. I leave it to you to figure out what to do from there - knowing the instructions is half the challenge.