Erty Seidohl - Comics

Javascript Comics

Educational comics about the Javascript ecosystem, aimed at developers who already know how to program but are new to Javascript and all of its idiosyncracies.

I draw these on my phone while I ride the subway to and from work.

Comics and Webcomics

Lost in Space

Currently on indefinite hiatus, Lost in Space is an attempt to run a CYOA webcomic with democratic user choice.

Each comic is written in second person and readers are invited to suggest what should happen next (or vote on an existing suggestion). The top choice is used as input to create the next comic.

Penny and Arthur

I started drawing Penny and Arthur on a bus, my senior year of high school. Influenced by Watterson, I tried to keep the characters interesting and the action fantastic. Ultimately, starting college caught up with me and I was unable to continue the comic.

Fish Food 3

This is the third iteration of Fish Food, my earliest webcomic. This one only made it 6 comics before I started Penny and Arthur.

To Save a Life

To Save a Life was my experiment in long-form graphic novels. Drawn while a Junior in high school, I posted (mostly) daily updates to this comic. You can really see my art get better and more dynamic through the year and a half that it took me to complete this.

The Infinite Canvas style was invented by comics genius Scott McCloud, and is uniquely suited to digital display.

Liang Kou Ren

The title translates to "Two People". I can't promise the comics make sense in either language. I think you really need to be a beginning Chinese student to find them funny.

Fish Food 2

The second iteration of Fish Food, my first webcomic. This one ran for almost two years! The comics starting with 9xxx are ones that didn't run or were just filler. I think Scott Reu joined me for the writing for a while.

24-Hour Comics

For more information about the 24-hour comic, see inventor Scott McCloud's website.

Multiplayer Mayhem

Four sprite comics using Halo sprites. I guess?

Green and Orange

This was back when sprite comics were all the rage, inspired by Bob and George.

Fish Food

Only nine comics, and the second one is me apologizing for not keeping to my schedule. Prescient much? But it was a start!