Hire Erty

Hi! I'm a web developer and instructor not currently looking for work in New York City and the Southwest Connecticut area.

I'm currently Lead Instructor at a coding bootcamp in Boulder, CO. My wife has accepted a job in Westport, CT, so we're looking to relocate soon.

If you'd like to get in touch, you can email me at erty@seidohl.com.

Why you should hire me

I'm a full-stack developer and instructor with ~15 years of web development experience, ~8 of those professionally. My full resume is available online. My main proficiencies are JavaScript/HTML/CSS (including Node), PHP, and SQL.

I've worked with the LAMP stack, MEAN stack, (also with React and Vue) and lots of raw HTML/CSS/JS. Additionally, I've done JavaScript game development [1, 2, 3] and run my own Ubuntu webserver, including email.

I have a B.A. in Mathematics/Computer Science and a B.A. in English from Lawrence University in Appleton, WI. I also attended the Summer '13 batch of Recurse Center.

Furthermore, I'm comfortable working with most of the Adobe & Office suites. I'm a writer, designer-in-training, and conference co-organizer.

I'm very well reviewed by peers, managers, and students.

Why I want to work for you

I'm looking to teach programming, or work as a mid-to-senior software engineer.

I value transparency, honesty, diversity, and fun in my workplace.

I'm looking for somewhere I can be a mentor and be mentored. A place where I can be a creative problem-solver and trusted leader. Somewhere I can bounce interesting ideas around freely.

I'm looking to expand my knowledge of: Distributed systems, end-to-end testing, and containerization.

I like to work at a standing desk, love to give presentations, enjoy discussing design decisions, and I appreciate a good tea collection.

I'm not looking for purely remote work -- I enjoy being on site and meeting coworkers in person.

What people have said about me

Below are quotes from letters of recommendation and thanks that I've received over the years.

“[Erty's] approachable demeanor and awe-inspiring knowledge set a gold standard in my mind for the instruction and guidance in my movement forward through development. ... [His] willingness to continue to support and teach even after graduation in a nonjudgmental manner has been something for which I will be endlessly grateful.”

Charlotte T., Student at CodeCraft School of Technology, 2017

“... One member of [Women who Code] asked me if I was a teacher because they thought I had explained a concept so well. I can tell you that I was using the words that Erty used to explain it to me. I told Erty this when I graduated, but it bears repeating; Teaching is one of the hardest jobs there is and great teaching can absolutely change lives. Erty is one of the great ones.”

Kelly K., Student at CodeCraft School of Technology, 2017

“Erty was our main instructor and I was really blown away by his talent for teaching. He is so passionate about the coursework and makes the learning experience, as challenging as it can be, fun and exciting. He was always patient and willing to take the time to help, no matter how long it took.

Linx L., Student at CodeCraft School of Technology, 2016

“Erty did a great job of balancing some really technical topics with entertaining material. He is the reason that you should consider attending this school.”

Sean, Student at CodeCraft School of Technology, 2016

“Erty went above and beyond in making sure the students were able to learn and understand computer science. He was always very eager and energetic to teach the class something new every time he entered the classroom. ... [He] made the topics fun and engaging for the students; being sure that every student was comfortable with each topic before moving on.”

Jacquie D., Teacher at School for Human Rights, 2015

“Have you ever had the kind of experience where you go to the market to buy a potato, and for some reason the shopkeeper throws in a whole bag of additional groceries for free? Hiring Erty was a little like that for us.”

Doug G., President at Placeways LLC, 2009

Think we might be a match?

Email me: erty@seidohl.com

Also, check out my website/portfolio: http://erty.me

Thank you!