Erty Seidohl

engineer / teacher / organizer



Software Engineer

- Present

Google Video Conferencing - Platform Team (present)

Wrote software to maintain very large conference room hardware fleet.

Howard University

Adjunct Lecturer, Google in Residence


Rotation (5 mos.) while working at Google through Google in Residence program

Designed curriculum for and taught Intro to Computer Science (Python) virtually to 135 Howard University students

Managed by Q

Software Engineer



Infrastructure Team (6 mos.) - Contributed to completion of multi-service invoicing system

Internal Tools Team (9 mos.) - Building lean projects for internal clients using Django & Node

CodeCraft School

Lead Instructor



Lead instructor of full-time 12 week full-stack JavaScript web development course

Created curriculum, led classes, and managed up to three assistants

SNAP! Interactive

Software Engineer


Growth team - Full stack PHP & JavaScript Development

Engineer on dating app AYI, engineering lead on The Grade for Android

Etsy, Inc.

Software Engineer


Shipping team - Full stack PHP & JavaScript development

Worked with a team to handle shipping label generation, address validation, etc.

Valley New School

Programming Tutor


Tutored students in math, English, and programming (Python)

Aspire Public Schools

Web Application Developer Intern

Worked with a team to create Schoolzilla, a test-score reporting application for California charter schools

Bracket Labs

Web Application Developer Intern

Salesforce app decelopment using APEX and JavaScript

Lawrence University

Web Developer & Writer/Cartoonist


Worked with IT department to maintain the student website, including the campus map

Wrote technical articles and drew cartoons for the student-run newspaper, The Lawrentian

Renewable Choice Energy

Web App. Dev. Intern


Worked on a team to create the Mosaic Carbon Accounting application using PHP and ExtJS

Placeways, LLC

Web Developer Intern

Web development in PHP, JavaScript, and Adobe Flash (throwback!)

The Aerospace Corporation

Developer Intern


Co-author on a federally-funded report on GPS-III ground latency using Java

Purecode Computing, LLC


- Present

Freelance web development, tutoring, and A/V (event recording and streaming)


Recurse Center



12-week “writers workshop for programmers” (yet so much more!) in NYC

Lawrence University

Undergraduate Degree

Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics/Computer Science. Final Project: PHP blogging platform

Bachelor’s Degree in English. Final Project: Creative Writing Portfolio

Other Work

Exclamation Foundation

Board Member

- Present

Voting member of organizing board for !!Con and !!Con West



- Present

“Radically inclusive” technology conference in NYC about the joy, surprise and excitement of computing

Volunteer Teaching

Technical Mentor & Interview Practice Provider at Coalition for Queens (C4Q) -

Teacher at School for Human Rights through TEALSk12 - -



, ,

Wrote 50k words in one month to complete National Novel Writing Month

2008: YA fantasy, 2016: Sci-fi/magical realism, 2018: Data structures textbook

Ludum Dare

Game Developer

, , ,

Worked with teams to create games for 72-hour online game jam Ludum Dare


… Storyteller and GM for tabletop role-playing games since ca. 2000

… Organizer assistant for Women and Identity in Gaming Symposium

… Founded a video, board, and tabletop gaming club at Lawrence University, ended up with a 23-bed house on campus!

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