Fish Food 2


I know many of you are thinking "What the hell?", or something around that area, possibly with more profanity. The thing is, I am too. This comic comes out of it being finals week, and needing to throw something together. I think this came out of the story about one of my friends, Will H-S, landing crotch-side down on the edge of a pool from my other friend's trampoline. He couldn't walk straight for a week.

Either way, I'm proud to announce that Fwyxx is joining fish food as a writer, leaving me to the art. We hope to get a Penny Arcade kind of thing going on. I must say, the jokes we come up with together are about ten times the funny as the ones I come up with by myself.

Oh, and he got me a cake with FF#42 printed on it in sugar-ink. It was The Bomb.

The Fwyxxness will begin Friday.