Fish Food 2

"Why None of my Homework is Done"

It seems that my email may have been down. So, if you've ever tried emailing me, and I never responded, please try again. I love to hear from fans, and I'm really sorry that I may have been missing your emails. It's really nice to hear from fans, even if it's just a quick "hi i rlly like youre comic!!!!!1!!!! lol". It really makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, which is actually bad,considering that I should feel kind of squishy inside. Ah well, it's worth it.

Anyway, this is a true story. I did make it through all the User Friendly comics, however, and I can now start reading UF on a daily basis.

Try the Ogame - It's addictive, too. It's kinda like a real time RTS, except it's real real time. It takes, literally, several hours to build certain things. One of my friends, who has been playing for some time, has a 100+ hour build going on. Wow.

So, anyway, life is good. I get to go home in <20 days. Woo!


I'd like to ask for you're help. Next Wednesday, I'm going to have my 100th comic. On that day, please try to vote for Fish Food on as many computers as you can. I want to see if I can get FF into the top 100 in celebration of my 100th comic. Tell friends, even if they've never read the comic, to go to Fish Food and vote (and read the comic, if they have the time). I just want see if we can do this. Thanks for supporting Fish Food.