Fish Food 2

"I Know a Lot of People with this Effect"

Unfortunately, I"m moving back to a MWF schedule due to the fact that I really can"t keep up with drawing five Fish Foods a week. It takes me somewhere around an hour to draw a Fish Food, longer if I can"t come up with an Idea. Anyway, I"ll be more likely to keep up with my schedule this way.

I hope you like (and can see) the new site design. It works everywhere I"ve tried it so far, but I haven"t checked macs. Somebody on a mac email me and tell me if everything works. It"s still getting put together, and the archives are being totally reworked, so bear with us as we make this site look wicked awesome. A mighty thanks to the Purecode Penguin, who has been working his avian butt off to make everything work.

Check out a couple of teaser pics for To Save a Life. The images come up randomly - currently there are only two - refresh the page to see a new one. There will be more going up soon. Fwyxx and I are really excited about this project, especially because it"s our first major graphic novel/webcomic thingy for either of us. Fear not, however. Fish Food will continue to update even after TSaL starts going online. I"ll maintain at least three days a week, no matter how busy I am.

See you Wednesday.