Fish Food 2

"Ungodly Annoying"

In today's strip, I make fun of the popular television show "Grey's Anatomy". Actually, I have never seen the show, which is why, If you read it again, I'm not actually making fun of the show, just the people who won't shut up about it. You know who you are. Actually, you can use this on any of three shows: Grey's Anatomy, Scrubs, or House, which are all, essentially, the same show. Admit it. Actually, I have seen House, and it is a sweet show. Just, if you could, please stop talking about how everything in life is related to it, even if it is.

Comics this week are going to be sporadic and probably not all five days. This is due to the fact that this comic took me a lot longer than comics usually do, mainly because I didn't save after I had inked the whole thing. Ah well. Such is the way of things.

Production of To Save a Life has swung into high gear, which is one of the reasons Fish Food might not be updating all five days this week. Our due date is June 1st, 2007. This means that we (Fwyxx and I), have to write all eleven chapters, polish them, do a written storyboard, sketch a storyboard, draw it, ink it, color it, make a website, and such on and so forth. It's a lot of work, but it's a lot of fun. We're using Google Docs, which is a really handy program to use when more than one person is working on a project. It allows the collaboration of two people at the same time on one document, without overwriting each other.

We're also working on a slightly darker graphic novel called See No Evil, which is going to be awesome, and we expect to be putting out sometime in 2008. You can check out some very preliminary art at ErtyArt. I'll be getting a scanner very soon, so I'll be able to post more art, and make Fish Foods faster! Whee!