Fish Food 2

"GCC - Bacon"
Hello fishlings! This is Erty, reporting from the rainy state of Wisconsin, where reports have just confirmed that the 90th fish food has just been posted.

In other news, the PS3 just got worse, due to it's bad controller design, and if certain people (not you, fwyxx. You know who I'm talking about, if you're out there stop making fun of my tables, too. ), would stop making fun of me because I like the PS3, I might just admit that I also want a Wii, I just don't have the money. Oh, that's right, I'm also at boarding school, where I can't have a videogame in my room. I still want a PS3 tho.

In other other news, Element 118, ununoctium, was created recently, which is awesome. That's one more element for humanity!

Anyway, today's comic is a late submission from one of my biggest fans.