Fish Food 2

"Greenscreen Caption Contest"

Here you go guys! Fish Food is back in business after one heck of a week. Now, you might notice that nothing actually happens in this comic, which is true. I'm going to try something out. Now, everywhere that's green is (on my computer) an easily deletable layer. That means that I can put whatever I want in there, much like a greenscreen on TV or the movies.

So, simply send me your ideas, script, or, if you're really bored, done comic, and I'll post the best one on Friday. Send to: [redacted]

Everyone who responds to this gets an exclusive Fish Food comic, and one person will have the satisfaction of having made a Fish Food comic, so that if Fish Food ever gets to be famous, you can say that you were part of it. Anyway, I hope you like.

I'm wondering how the QC storyline will turn out, BTW. Oh, and the Sluggy Freelance one too. Oasis seems less crazy than usual. My only thought -- If Oasis could stick the orphanage person in the leg with the pencil exactly where she needed to, wouldn't that mean that she had previous training, or some sort of robot instinct? Or is it just luck? The mind boggles

[edit] Um nevermind. Looks like QC's storyline was extremely short. Does anyone else think that looks like Faye? 10 bucks says the glowing bottle affected them and they imagined everything. [/edit]

[edit #2] Somebody tell me: Is that Dr. Schlock in Today's Sluggy Freelance? Or is it weird trainer dude? I'm Lost. [/edit #2]