Fish Food 2


I seriously don't remember where this came from. I think it either came from a conversation I had with someone (must have been one wacky conversation) or the deep depths of my zany mind. Anyway, I'm working hard up here, and although that hard work may not be getting my grades to where I want them to be, that will change. I am putting FF after school (surprising as that may be), because, even though I may be the next Pete Abrams, I probably won't be, so I had better do well in school and keep my options open.

I'll be drawing filler pictures like yesterday's in advance, so that you may be graced by some of my art on any particular weekday. I have had almost no free time here except on weekends, which really sucks, because I have way too much creative thought and no way to use it. It's like being a writer who is not allowed to write, or an artist who has nothing to draw with. All this creativity buildup is good for you guys, though, because once the weekend comes, and I have time to draw and write and whatsuch, I will have so many Ideas and storylines that you are pretty much guaranteed another week of Fish Foods. Good fish foods. Fish foods with meat, nay, with bacon.

I got PA's second book, "Epic Legends of the Magic Sword Kings", and it rocks as much as the first one.

See you guys in November. … Or tomorrow. … Or sometime in the far future, if you are neither in Colorado or conserve school. … Or never, Mr. Space Alien - sorry to disappoint you, but I don't think I'll be visiting your planet. You know how hard intergalactic visas are to get.