Fish Food 2

"Bacontheif - Part 1"

Dont worry -- I'm going somewhere with this one.

Tomorrow I'm going to try to update for all of my missed updates this week. I hate how I feel like it's just work to keep the comic updated, and so I procrastinate and say Oh, it's OK if i skip this one. Nobody will notice. No. People do notice. You people notice. It's sorta interesting because I love to make comics, but I don't. What's wrong with me? The world may never know.

Anyway, I just made THE ESdC FORUMS! O happy day! Just head on over and leave your posts and comments! I figure this is a great way to get the FF community (however small it is) together and for people also to comment on ESdC, Teh Cl4ssic5, and a random chat box to talk about anything. Have fun!