Fish Food 2


So, last night I read a bunch of the archives over at Questionable Content (See Recommended Reading), which was highly amusing. I really recommend you read all the comics on my recommended reading list (hence the name) because they are all good comics. My favorites are QC, PVP, RL, and CAD. ( I ♥ abbr.).

I recently watched "The Interpreter", which was ok, but not very good because I had already figured out most of the ending by about halfway, which made it sorta boring during the point where it's supposed to be exciting. Good If you have nothing better to do, though.

I'm DMing an enourmous, 22 hour DnD bash this weekend, so I have a lot of adventure to write. I'll update on the main page when I'm done with it. So will Fwyxx, if we can figure out his file uploader.