Fish Food 2


Welcome to the grandeur of Fish food number 40. I decided to do this one based on a real life experiance where my friend Sam (the real life one) pulled me in a wagon down a hill on a bike. I got scared and jumped out the back to bail out and tried to hit the ground running. I couldn't keep up with my speed and ended up sliding about five feet on asphalt. Sam actually didn't crash, and he and his brother then succeded in making it all the way down the hill. However, because this one took me two hours to complete, I'm offering it as a wallpaper for your dowloadability here Enjoy!

Speaking of wallpapers, I still have three of the old bonus wallpapers to give out. I'm not sure wether to feel insulted at the fact that nobody wants them, or sad because you're all too lazy. ah well. you can find the quick contest back here