Fish Food 2

"It's NOT That Time of Year"

So... yeah. I've had this one in my sketchbook for a while now. And no, we didn't kill him or anything, we just threw him out of wherever we were.

Actually, Kill Bill would be a good title.

But I'm not that mean.

Now for some real news: I was recently ranked fith in the state at french, level 1. I think that's pretty cool. It was a pretty hard test too. Speaking of hard tests, the AP exams, which are supposed to be something like the hardest tests I'll ever take, are this monday. Dang. There goes my week. I got my grades recently, and I was suprised to see that, although I had had a drop in one of my grades, my GPA was still the same, and still pretty good. With all my extracurricular stuff going on (I only get home on time on mondays now), I was suprised to see that I'm still doing OK. I actually am a tutor now for a juinor (me being a freshman).

Speaking of french, anyone who can e-mail me with the translaton, origin, and the next line of this (in english and french) gets a free Fish Food wallpaper (limit first 5): T- la recherche du fauve manscant