Fish Food 2

"The Long Wait"

So... Three day weekend. Tons of stuff to do. Tomorrow I'm having a friend over to coach him on the ways of the DM, and also to just chat and stuff. Then I'm going over to my old school (where I was for ten years of my 15-year life), to visit and say hi and everything. then I'm going over to another friends house and lastly home again. Saturday, I'm going to be working all day to help cater a 150 person party. W00t! Scullery maids strike again! Stay ahead of the dishes! *Maniacal laughter*

Well, sunday I have to study for three really hard tests in three of my hardest classes: Math (Adv Alg 2) , Science (Adv Phys Sci), and Government (AP US Gov). Yeesh. I can't stand when I have more than one test on a day, but those stupid CSAP (colorado student abuse program (jk!))Standerdized tests have forced the teachers to put all their tests on one day. Oh yeah, I also have a quiz in french. That's 4 out of five testable classes, and The fith (LA) I allready had a test in today. Essay test. Oh well, It's a good class. I enjoy writing, and there's actually a lot of times I get to do a cartoon. I love that, because, as you may not have noticed, I like to cartoon. I may not be the best artist in the world, but hey, I mainly focus on the Idea.

Well, I apologise for the late post. please don't burn me in effigy because of it. I had half a math test (we persuaded her to split it up), so I didn't have much time for cartooning.

I have always wanted to say my list of webcomics that I have read the entire archives of (tedious, long tasks, but fun) And continue to enjoy.>

PVP by Scott Kurtz A great comic. Almost everyone has a character they can relate with.
CAD by Tim Buckley A "Two gamers" Comic, but one that stands out.
Wizard and Warrior by Josh Christofferson The antics of a few oddly-named heros.
Bob and George by David Anez One of the few sprite comics that is really really good.
Real Life by Greg Dean If you ever have three days of your life to spend reading comics, use those days to read this archive. Great comic, and the idol of this comic.

Thanks for listening to me rant.