Fish Food 2


Um... I'm betting you didn't notice that this is comic #20, and comic #19 has mysteriously dissapeared. This is because I never finished comic 19 (it was FINALS WEEK!), and I may decide to do that some day, at which time I really don't wan't to have to renumber everything. um... Yeah, sorry about the late (and not too funny) post today, but I was trying to read Real Life by Greg Dean, which has taken up at least eight hours of my time, and I'm one of the fastest readers you'll ever have the privilage to meet, or see, or at least read my comic, or this post, ... But anyhoo, I;m still only in the early 2004 comics. Anyway, um... Yeah, If there was a penalty for posting at 12:35 in the morining the day after the comic is due, I deserve it I'm sorry that you've been clicking the refresh button for thirty-five minutes now. I'll try to be more punctual.

As you can see, I obviously have mental problems at 12:35 in the morning after two hours of in-car drivers ed.

And I have to wake up in six hours.

Oh, wait, that's right, I dont have school tomorrow! Suckers!

Um... Except for those who also don't have school tomorrow.

Yeah, so, um, It's cold in here. I think my toes are missing, and I'm being held hostage by a man in a lobster suit.

What's new with you?