Fish Food 2


Lots to say. First of all, I finally figured out how to get both of my monitors to connect to my laptop, so I now have double the screen space to work with. 2048x768 is my resolution, fools! Anyway, I would just like to comment that tht clothes that my character is wearing are the actual clothes I wear. I really do wear a blue zip-down sweater every day. Even in summer, unless it's just unbearably hot. I wear those shoes, too. they're called And 1s, and I wear either those or these brown leather shoes I have. hmm.. you probably didn't need to know what I'm wearing, but I'm in a typeative mood tonight. I just learned how to drive. One day I'm just going to change the FF2 index's URL on you and see how many of you complain.) Anyway, I'm thinking of organizing a D+D club at my school (BHS). Uh oh. Now you know what school I go to and what I wear. But you still don't know my name!!! Oh, wait, yes you do. Damn. pl3as dun stak meh. Anyway, Finals week is next week, and I've of course been studying my head off. ;-)

Wow. two paragraphs. anyway, for those of you who read DL 425's blog (here), you may have noticed that I havent updated in three or four months. I'll get on that as soon as I have time and a creative/star wars burst. It's interesting. I'll have one of four different kinds of creative bursts. D+D, Fish Food, Star Wars, or LOTR. It's interesting, because these are like the four things that I'm most interested in. I don't really have creative cooking bursts (one of my other intrests), because when I want to cook, I usually just get a craving for something, and go make it. Which reminds me, Jim Spink has decided that I can help him with the Spring Fling at RMS if Barbara lets him. All you RMS kids, be jealous. I'm still one of only two or three kids that have ever set foot there. BWA HA HA.

Wow. Three paragraphs. This must be (and is) a record. Anyway, I'm awaiting the end of this current Ctrl-Alt-Del storyline. I really want to see how it unfolds. Check it out. Have a happy Winter-een-mas season.