Fish Food 2

"The Return of the King of the Fellowship of the Master Chief"

I missed an update Monday, and this one is late. That's Spring Break for you. I would like to apologize to everyone who emailed me in the past week (esp. you, Uncle Stan), because I wasn't able to check my email. Anyway, I've had a few people ask me this, so here's the answer:

Character: Ana
Born: June 3rd, 2026
Description: When the heroes went to the future, they met Ana, a mysterious, shy girl, who feels it's best not to get mixed up in things she has no business in(154). Apparently on a raider team (139), she was the one who saved them from Oreo as he tried to off our heroes in an airlock (151 and 152). Ana's future is unrevealed (Us authors know exactly what's going to happen, tee hee :-p).