Fish Food 2


Longest. Fish Food. Ever.

Seriously, though, this FF took me somewhere upwards of six hours. Somewhere might include eight or ten hours, but I wasn't keeping track exactly. Anyway, I'm simply here enjoying my spring break, but Iím still going to try to make Fish Foods. Scott is in LA until next week, at which time we shall hopefully get together, play Starcraft, and draw comics. Tonight I'm going to add a bunch of my ideas to the all-holy thoughtbook - A Google doc that Scott, Myself, and two other friends of ours, whose very bad facsimiles are in today's strip ( I had absolutely no reference material, and I'm horrible at remembering faces). Anyway, Will Brown and Sam Golon are random person #1 and random person #2, respectively. I'll give you guys better cameos in the future, so consider yourself owed.

Thereís a small table under the random quote down below, which tells you how all my other projects are going (If you don't care, stop reading). For example, right now, Little Ninjas is in the planning phase, and it is top priority (compared to the other comics projects). Expect to see this updated as I move along with things.

See you … hhopefully Friday, but no promises.