Fish Food 2

"That's Oreo, not a Cannnonball!"

Wow. The first Fish Food done before, say, 10:00pm since a very, very long time ago. Of course, it's a day late, but still! It's done early in one respect.

… and, of course, with all of this time, I have nothing to say.

Here. I got really bored last night and wrote a sonnet. Enjoy, and comment upon, even though the forums are very, very dead.

Take up your arms today, men! Fight for good!
The battle will not fail to come to us.
And as we sit in misty morning wood,
We do not want to do that which we must.
Hot coffee in the pot and jam on bread;
And gleaming rifles loaded in the sun.
Be sure, when battle comes, to keep your head.
And make the foe be frightened of your gun.
A shot, a whistle, and a sweeping sound;
Tells us to jump up and get down real fast.
Spitting sand as hot lead hits the ground:
We hope that every bullet will go past.
To arms! To hills! Two hundred thousand strong.
And only those that live will still sing song.

Okay, so I'm no Shakespeare, but that's the point of practice, right? This is the first poem I've written in a long time.

Plus, iambic pentameter is really hard to keep up.

One more to go!