Fish Food 2

"The Voices in His Head, and the Lump on Mine"

Two more to go to reach the big 1-5-0. Anyway, our entire school has the day off because we're that awesome, and our headmaster decided that it was a nice enough day to give us a break from school. So, I got to sleep in until 2, finish this fish food that I started last night, and draw an Avatar On Demand for Eric VDH, one of the treasure hunt winners. I think it came out really well.

So, anyway, Production of Little Ninjas has kicked into second gear, meaning that it's not at the top of my to-do list, but it's up there. I've already started drafting chapter one, and I'm done with the character design. Expect it sometime sooner rather than later. To Save a Life is also in high gear. I'm working with Scott and some other people to get a final draft of the script all nice and shiny, and then all I have to do is finalize the art and flow of the whole thing. I'll keep you updated.

Everything in this storyline will become apparent soon, just keep waiting. I may have an update for you tomorrow (Wednesday), but no promises because I have a big paper due tomorrow that I still have yet to start.


So, this has been my first real stroke of brilliance since I have been in D.C. (except for one comic idea about a machine Scott would find to put his pants on two legs at a time; he was elated to find time he could translate into more video game-hours).Also, I just got Supreme Commander.This game is so awesome that my head exploded the first time I played it.The downside is that it requires most of my computer's processing power and RAM.My computer has 3.4 GHz of CPU power, and this game requires 3.0.I have 2 GB of RAM, this game requires 1.So, it may be time to save up for a new computer, just to play this game without lag.

In other news, be sure to check out, because it almost doesn't suck. Honestly.Coming soon to my band!I'm starting a band with some familiar faces, which I promise will not suck.