Fish Food 2


For some reason, I really feel that this FF's art is really good. Maybe it's just something, like the fact that I finished it in under two hours instead of four (Which would, in theory, make it worse), but I like this one.

Why am I up so late, you may ask? (It's 11:56 as I write.) the answer: Walkypedia, the wiki for the webcomic It's Walky , which currently holds the #1 spot on my Recommended Reading list. I created the storylines section, and as of this writing, all of the work in there is mine. That's right - I'm going through and writing synopsies of each individual It's Walky storyline. Call me a comics nerd, call me a fanboy, I don't care - It's an awesome comic.

Um … yeah. Happy Valentines day! (Still single. Curses.)