Fish Food 2

"Us Menfolk."

I'm finally back in school after a three-week break called Winterim, where us kids get to stop normal classes, and take special classes that are more interesting than your average Precalc class. Anyway, I took a class called Facial Reconstruction, in which we all learned the facial muscles (quadraticus labii superiorus and whatsuch), skull bones (temporal process of the zygomatic and what have you), and then we all got a skull, some clay, and reconstructed the face of the skull we had received. Here's a pic of my face after I was done, with … accessories:  8-) 

I discovered a comic out there that is eerily similar to Fish Food, called Beyond.Normal. Check out the site. There are some interesting similarities in art and character design.

Anyway, now that I have homework again, you'd think that I would complain or something, and then tell you that we're cutting back to two days a week. WRONG! Instead, my school is so awesome that they let us take Independent Studies, in which we choose a subject, a curriculum, hours, homework, everything. You can guess what I chose; that's right, COMICS!


That's enough of that, but it is quite awesome that for four hours that I would regularly be in class, I get to draw Fish Food, TSaL, See No Evil and so on and so forth. It is quite the awesome.

Erty Out.