Fish Food 2

"A difficult Question"

This comic took me 1 1/2 frickin hours, so you'd better enjoy it. No, just kidding, although I would like to point out the Halo 2 shirt. Took me a while how to figure out how to do that. Heh. Layer masks. Who woulda thunkit? Anyway, I would like to say that this acually is a real life experiance, and that I am not a loser nerd who has no social life. I am like most modern nerds who have relationships with people. (videogame characters don't count) But now I'm just rambling. A quick nod to tapeworm, who wrote a book called "1337 h4x0r h4ndb00k" (real book), which is all about becoming a, well, 1337 |-|4xx0r. I'ts pretty cool, and definately worth the $15. (Plus, It has a ninja on the back. Who could argue with that marketing?)

Go Ninjas!