Fish Food 2


I have reconsidered the comic that went up early this morning. It was a very low-class comic, and I shouldn't have drawn it. It certainly was funny for Scott and I at two in the morning, but it wasn't right for Fish Food. Luckily, I had some spare fish food characters inked, and this old joke in the thought-book, so I pulled it together.

I'm going to add Scott to the fish food crew because, simply, we make a great creative team. Some of you are probably worried that the amount of profanity may go up in Fish Food, (Don't deny it, Scott), and I would like to say that I will try my hardest to keep it G-rated. You may see a "Light" swear word every once in a while, simply because it's shock value is much greater than it's counterpart, and sometimes it's that shock value that we need for a comic.

Now, I don't swear, instead replacing my profanity with words such as "Shazbot!", "Holy son of a motherless goat!", and "Holee Shambollees!". I prefer them to the original swear words. But the earlier post had some profanity in it (although it was one of those 'light' swear words I was talking about, and I admit it would have been much more funny if I replaced it with "Holy Moly", "Wha'?", or something like that.

I know most of you aren't that sensitive to swearing, but I do try to keep it at a minimum so that Fish Food can have a G rating. I also understand that I may get a new reader at any time, and I don't want to have a comic like the one that was up earlier.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy Fish Food. I may still make many of them on my own, but together Scott and I are will be creating more funny comics for your enjoyment.