Fish Food 2

"Illegal in 49 States"

Hello, fellow ESdCnauts!So, I have a pretty cool deal going with Erty: He lets me do the Sunday Fish Food, and in exchange, he doesn't have to draw the Sunday Fish Food!So, in other words, I'm back!(sort of)

I've been experimenting with actually using pencil to draw things. Usually, Teh Cl4ssic5 was a comic that was done entirely with ink.It didn't work out well for my drawings, and it made it impossible for me to have anything on par with this week's entry.Hooray for pencils!

In other news, only one week of school left before winter break, an then Erty will again be among us.I'm really excited, and maybe we can share stories about our scars (Erty's Guitar Hero injury and the paper cut on my forehead).

On, I promised to unveil the comic project I would be working on going forward.I may have to postpone, as Erty and I are working on a joint venture unlike anything you've ever seen (unless we've shown you this).It will be spectacular.

That's all for now.Peace out!