Fish Food 2

"Lab Tour"

This comic was a little sketch I did in my sketchbook when I got back to Wisconsin. How was my thanksgiving break, you ask? Well, let me tell you, it was most excellent. Between the 24-hour comic (Although I won't be turning it in -- I wasn't happy with how it came out, so I'll finish it up and then just keep it as a comic, maybe post it on the site), the D+D meets, Seeing the new James Bond Movie (Which I thought was very good, review below), and a grand party with my best friends from Rocky Mountain School two years ago, which was one of the most awesome parties I have ever been to, complete with gossip, guitar hero, and hanging out in a hot tub. I did sustain an injury in Guitar Hero (A great way to get hurt), when Fwyxx tried to assist me in activating the star power, and jammed the guitar into my eye. It didn't really hurt, but it's a great injury to talk about. I mean, how many people have been injured by Guitar Hero?

Unfortunately, probably more than you'd like to think.

See you Wednesday.

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