Fish Food 2

"Letter to the Readers"

I won't go on and on here, for two reasons: One, I have to go pack to go back to Wisconsin, and two, I'm guessing you're all blurbed out after the 100th comic celebration, which is why this isn't as big of a deal as that was. Ah well.

Anyway, one year. wow. What a long time. I recently went back through and read all of my blurbs (not that you have to), but I found it really interesting to read things that I wrote a year ago.

Sooooo&hellip I recently rediscovered Civilization: Call To Power over Thanksgiving break, and I still haven't won a game (never have). Maybe I will over Winter Break.

I have some storyline ideas (more involved than the realism or bacontheif ones) floating around, and I'll see how things turn out.

See you on Monday.