Fish Food 2

"Civil Unions"

This was written by Scott and I whilst we were talking on the phone, and I was trying to get him to go and look at some stuff I did for To Save A Life. He said he was, and I proceeded to start to blabber on about due dates and suchwhat. About halfway through my rant, he proceeded to shout "God****ed Locusts!", Which was when I realized that I had totally been tricked, and Scott was neither listening to me, nor looking at the things that I thought he was. Instead of becoming miffed, like any normal human would do, I decided that an excellent comic opportunity could arise from this, and the above conversation took place, almost verbatim. Scott then played Gears of War for the next four hours or so, during which time, I tried to persuade him to send his artwork for this comic. I finally got what I needed around 11:30, which is why this comic is so late.

There will be no Fish Food Monday, due to a lack of planning by Erty. There may or may not be a filler strip. If someone has a guest comic that they can send me, I'll gladly use it.