Fish Food 2

"Fish Food #100"

Well, it's comic number 100. I seriously never thought I'd get this far (well, until last week, when I realized that I was so very very close.) This is a momentous occasion for me, because it marks my first ever successful public project. There have been many many times before that I have started something, and it has begun to grow - A grand idea or scheme - only to fall when I lose interest or discover that it was too much of an undertaking. Fish Food, however, has reached what I thought was unreachable for me. I am thoroughly inspired. I think I deserve a soda.

Today I asked for people to vote for me on So far, I'm here:

I need your help in reaching the top 100. I know you voted for an election just yesterday, so you should be apt to taking just a few seconds of your time to click through and give Fish Food a little tip of the hat for going so far.

I'd like to take the opportunity to say: "wow." I really never expected to see three digits in my comic's name. I'm really happy with how far I've come, and I hope you are, too. I know Fish Food may not be the most popular, the best liked, or the funniest comic out there, but that's why there are webcomics - anyone can choose any comic. You just have to find those that you like. I hope you like Fish Food.

If you're running Firefox, by the way, I would recommend an add-on called "morning coffee". It's available for download from mozilla, and it really helps one keep their comics organized. Be sure to add Fish Food!

I'd like to give a quick thanks to the Purecode penguin, who has been working his avian butt off to make sure ESdC is working. He has also almost finished coding an entire reworking of the comics archive, which was a tremendous task, and he tacked it by hand coding the same technology that many of the larger webcomics uploading systems use.

Heck, while I'm thanking people, My mom, Scott Reu, Sam Golon, Will Brown, Everyone who was in Mr. Martn's class at one time or another, Tom S, and everyone who has seen Fish Food from the bottom to the top deserves my thanks.

Anyhoo, for the rest of you (well, and those people too), here is some craziness I found on the internet.(Warning: bright colors and loud sound)